Steel Walker® II Boot, provides unsurpassed traction and stability on steel surfaces

By Cougar Paws



Introducing the Steel Walker® II. The leather has a vintage look that is ultra-strong and ultra-durable in construction. The interior is lined with a moisture wicking material that absorbs sweat and keeps your foot cool and dry. As for comfort, we’ve added triple-ply cushioning that allows for a smooth ride. And along with our powerful magnets, we have introduced a softer rubber sole and enhanced tread design for maximum grip.


We have multiple options with the Steel Walker® II. The available selections are Strap Only, Composition Toe or Composition Toe & Strap. This tool will provide unsurpassed traction and stability on steel surfaces, plus extended foot protection with the safety rated composition toe.


Note: Be sure to use Cougar Paws Covers, with your Steel Walker® II’s, while you are working on the ground; they will protect the soles from damage and from picking up metal shavings.

These magnetic boots come in sizes 6-14, use our printable size chart to find your perfect fit.

US Patent #10,034,513.

Composition Toe: ASTM F2412-18a; ASTM F2413-18

WARNING:  Do not use Cougar Paws SteelWalker Magnetic Boots on metal surfaces that are wet, coated in pollen or below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. These surfaces have been tested & found unsafe for the average worker.

 WARNING:  Cougar Paws products are not designed to be used as a fall protection device. Our products are designed to be used with approved fall protection rope and harness. Failure to adhere to this warning could lead to serious injury or death.