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Cougar Paws Shop

  1. Performer Boot  Our flagship model with patent pending traction grip technology
  2. Estimator Boot, a lightweight alternative to the Peak Performer Roofing Boots.
  3. Steel Walker II Boot  unsurpassed traction and stability on steel surfaces.
  4. SteelWalker Boot  Constructed with powerful magnets lined into the soles.
  5. Peak Series Replacement Pads, for Performer and Estimator Boots
  6. Cougar Paws Cover  great for walking job sites or in customer’s houses.
  7. Spike Cover, our Cougar Paws roofing spike cover are ideal for roof tear-offs. - Cougar Paws
  8. Replacement Spikes, Each pair of spike covers contains 18 spikes.
  9. Cougar Paws T-Shirt   Featuring our company logo across the chest.
  10. Tote Bag   Our Cougar Paws tote bag is perfect for hauling all your gear to your job site.
  11. Laces   Our woven laces are the perfect length for boots or shoes.
  12. Universal Straps   Compatible with any style boot manufactured with a strap.
  13. Beanie (Cougar Paws Logo)
  14. Hat (Cougar Paws Logo)
  15. Hat (Cougar Paws Logo)  Camo