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Our boots are so unique they’re patented!

Cougar Paws brand boots and accessories were developed by a guy like you - a roofer - so we know the "ups and downs" of working above the ground. We specialize in traction boots, tools and accessories for roofers, appraisers and others in the industry who demand only the best in grip, traction and comfort. Whether you’re a contractor, insurance adjustor or estimator, we know working on inclines is always a challenge.

Founded in 1996 by Dan Cougar, we continue to focus on product innovation by bringing the latest technology to each generation of our products. Over the years, we’ve expanded from the patented traction-grip roofing shoe into a complete line of heavy-duty footwear, replaceable traction pads and anti-slip accessories.

Be sure to make Cougar Paws brand boots, shoes and accessories part of your overall safety plan while you work. Along with other important safety equipment, you can be confident Cougar Paws adds another level of durability, performance and comfort not found in the market today.

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 #Helpingrooferseveryday  TheToolYouWear