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Estimator Boot, a lightweight alternative to the Peak Performer Roofing Boots.

  • $183.00

Traction-grip technology is not limited to heavy-duty work boots.  Cougar Paws has developed a lightweight alternative to the Peak Performer Roofing Boots that provides an extra layer of comfort and flexibility. The nylon/leather Estimator Roofing boots give the same stability with a more stylish, lighter design. Designed for light duty use, such as inspections.  The Estimator Roofing Shoes boast a reinforced toe, insulated soles and cushioned arch support. 

Additional Peak Line Pads sold separately.

Replacement laces and straps are available for purchase.

Sizing has been known to vary. Women should order two sizes down from their standard. In the event of sizing issues, see our Return Policy #thetoolyouwear™