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SteelWalker Boot Constructed with powerful magnets lined into the soles.

  • $172.00

The Cougar Paws SteelWalker is constructed with powerful magnets lined into the soles. With steel roofing becoming more popular, SteelWalkers are the only patent pending, tested and proven method of reliable stability.

The leather and nylon body of the shoe provides good breathability and comfort on a hot roof-top surface, while the durable rubber sole insulates your feet. Magnets are lined into the sole and are powerful enough to give you the grip you need on the job. These magnetic boots do not make use of replacement pads, but our covers are compatible with the SteelWalkers. However, these boots are ONLY intended for use on steel roof-tops and are not manufactured to be effective on aluminum surfaces.

These magnetic boots come in sizes 6-14. Use our printable size chart to find your perfect fit.  #thetoolyouwear™

This product is discontinued and will not be restocked.