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Solar Panel Installation Tips

There are a number of good reasons to move to solar roofing. These may include costs savings on electricity, increased property value or simply to reduce your carbon footprint. Regardless of the reason why, there is a right and a wrong way to install solar panels. And not all roofs are well-equipped to handle it.

Additionally, not all roofing professionals are equipped to install solar roofing. Safety is an issue as with any type of roofing. Make sure you or your contractors are equipped with Cougar Paws brand boots to prevent slipping. Together with approved fall protection ropes and harnesses, Cougar Paws are an excellent way to help prevent unwanted accidents.

What type of roof is best for solar panels?

Solar panels can be installed on virtually any type of roof. However, some of the most common roof types tend to be composite and tile. However, solar panels can also be mounted on metal, wood shake, or even foam.

While almost no roof will exclude you from having solar panels installed, slate and wood roofs can be more difficult (and expensive). Asphalt, clay tile, or those with metal standing seams are a breeze. Solar panels are generally pretty flexible in terms of their installation but their effectiveness can vary depending on the roof type.

What is the best angle or roof pitch for solar panels?

Ideally, a 30-degree pitch is ideal. That having been said, a 30-degree pitch can be a little too steep to install safely. It’s important to note that the roof’s angle or pitch is not nearly as important as orientation.

The orientation of your roof is a key factor in its ability to capture sunlight. If the roof you’re working with faces south, you’re in good shape. West works well, too. But if the roof isn’t oriented south or west, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see benefits from solar panels.

Flat Roofs Tend to Be Less Effective

Solar panels tend to be less effective when placed on a flat roof. In fact, it's been estimated they can be 50% less effective when compared to their counterparts. This is due to the fact that the sun changes position throughout the day and doesn't stay in a static.

The solution is very simple. All you need is a mount or a tilt to increase the effectiveness of your solar panels.

Take the Proper Precautions

Before you begin installing those solar panels, make sure you have the proper fall protection systems in place. Cougar Paws roofing boots are not intended to replace lifelines or other fall protection devices. Add Cougar Paws brand boots to your normal protocol for an added level of safety and security.

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