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Metal Roofing Shoes

At Cougar Paws, we specialize in traction boots, tools, and accessories. Our products are used by roofers, appraisers, and others who routinely work on an incline. Over the years Cougar Paws has grown to encompass a complete line of heavy-duty footwear, replaceable traction pads, and anti-slip accessories.

We understand steel roofs can be extremely slippery without the proper steel roofing footwear. Shoes must be designed to grip the steel surface. Steep roofs further add a layer of complexity and risks as well. Proper shoes designed for steel roofs provide an added layer of protection. Cougar Paws products are not designed to be used as a fall protection device. Our products are designed to be used with approved fall protection rope and harness.

As steel roofs have become more popular, there have been a growing number of risks associated with them. This is why we continue to innovate and create ways to minimize risks. Our innovative magnetic roofing boots do just that. They are the ideal steel roofing footwear for any roofing job that involves a steel roof.

Our SteelWalker boot has powerful magnets within the soles that provide added traction and stability. The leather and nylon upper results in a durable boot that still remains comfortable.

Our steel roofing shoes provide a comfortable and reliable solution to managing steel roofs. Our steel roofing shoes are sure to meet or exceed the safety footwear needs of both residential and commercial roofers. We also have Cougar Paws roofing shoes that work great for shingles too.

Be sure to make Cougar Paws brand boots part of your overall safety plan today. Along with other important safety equipment, Cougar Paws adds a layer of safety and comfort not found on the market today.

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