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Roofing Boots for Tile

If your job requires walking on slick surfaces such as slate tiles, you know the importance of a shoe that sticks. You could tie some egg crate foam to the bottom of your boots. Or, you could do what many professional roofers, appraisers or estimators do when they need roof tile shoes. Gt shoes that are specially designed for walking on slate roof tiles.

Best Shoes for Walking on Roof Tile

Firstly, professionals don’t recommend walking on roof tiles for obvious reason. However, if you’re involved in a roof replacement or power wash job, it can be unavoidable. In those circumstances, professionals suggest that you try to distribute your weight evenly and wear soft soled shoes that are as sticky as possible.

In other words, professionals everywhere recommend that you get yourself a pair of Cougar Paws roofing boots. Made for roofers by roofers, Cougar Paws grip like no other roofing shoe on the market. Most notably, they use an extra strap about half way up the shoe for extra support. This unique design means that your weight is more evenly distribute – exactly what professionals recommend in roof tile footwear.

Walking On Slate Roof Tiles

Cougar Paws roofing boots grip so well that you’ll be able to walk on asphalt, tile or even steel surfaces. Durable upper body construction means that your Cougar Paws will last for years to come. Breathable material ensures comfort through the longest of summer days.

Replicable boot soles make Cougar Paws distinctly different from other roofing shoes. These soles are kept in place by an industrial Velcro on one side. The “hook” in the Velcro attaches to the “loop” material at the bottom of the shoe to create a tight grip. When the gripping pads show wear, one simply has to peel them away and replace with new ones.

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