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Roofing Shoes for Solar Panels

In the not too distant future, solar panels will be replaced by tempered glass tiles that can absorb the impact of hailstones and similar debris. While the homeowner will celebrate this new innovation, it remains to be seen as to whether this will make the roofer’s job easier. In the meantime, solar panels will have to be installed on slate, asphalt and cedar surfaces.

First, let’s state the obvious - one should not walk directly on solar panels. That being said, if you’re a roofing contractor and you’ve got a solar panel installation to do, you need roofing boots that’ll grip tight. You’ll be carrying delicate solar panels and materials on a sloped surface. You want a roofing shoe that’s made by someone who understands what you’re up against. One made for roofers, by roofers.

The next time you need roofing boots for solar panel installation, look no further than Cougar Paws roofing boots. Designed and developed by a career roofing professional, Cougar Paws are durable, comfortable and cost-effective. Best of all, they grip tight to otherwise slippery surfaces.

Replaceable soles are secured through a Velcro “hook and loop” system. This method creates a tight grip while making replacement easy. Once the old sole becomes warn, you simply peel it away and replace it with a new one.

Cougar Paws’ solar panel boots have a unique extra strap approximately half way up the body of the shoe. This strap ensures that the foot does not slide within the boot, distributing weight more evenly and improving balance.

The Final Word in Solar Panel Boots

It’s good to know that when the new technology arrives and you need to walk across a glass solar roof, Cougar Paws will be there. In the meantime, we’ve got you covered. Pick up a pair of Cougar Paws roofing shoes today and learn why professional roofers everywhere swear by Cougar Paws.

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