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Slate Roofing Boots and Shoes

From time to time, you’ll need to navigate a slate roof, particularly on older or more expensive homes. Roofing shoes for slate roofs must have the ability to grip a surface that was not meant to be walked upon.

First and foremost, we don’t recommend walking on a slate roof, if at all possible. It can crack the slate and damage the roof. Since slate roofing can be very expensive, you’ll have a very unhappy homeowner should you cause any damage to the slate.

However, circumstances may require you to do so. A sound roofing shoe for slate can help to navigate a surface that in inherently slippery, even in dry weather conditions.

Slate Roofing Boots

Designed to reduce slippage on all roofing surfaces, Cougar Paws is the preferred boot for roofing on slate roofs. Our shoes are used by professional roofers, appraisers, gutter installers and home inspectors everywhere. While this is likely due to their “stickiness”, comfort and durability are significant factors as well.

The shoe’s main vessel is designed to evenly distribute your weight. This improves balance and provides added comfort. If you wear your roofing shoes for any significant period of time, I don’t need to tell you how important that can be.

Comfort is also enhanced by the additional strap you’ll find approximately half-way up the shoe. Unique to Cougar Paws, this strap provides added support and prevents your foot from sliding down the shoe on inclined surfaces. This enables the wearer to work for longer periods of time and with greater comfort.

The next time you need roofing boots for slate, give Cougar Paws a try. Roofing professionals everywhere swear by their durability, comfort and most important of all, the grip of slippery surfaces.

Learn how to find your boot size today to ensure a snug fit!

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