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Roofing Shoes for Shingles

No one likes climbing steeply pitched shingle roofs with sub-standard safety shoes. Yes, harnesses are a must for more challenging jobs. However, while a harness will provide some peace of mind, nothing beats a boot with a solid grip.

This is particularly true in wind and rain conditions where a roofing shoe for gripping shingles – one that has been thoroughly tried and tested – is an absolute necessity. The next time you need shingle gripping shoes, give Cougar Paws a try. With their patented design, you’ll experience superior comfort, support, and traction.

Roofing Shoes for Cedar Roofing

Designed for roofing professionals by roofing professionals, Cougar Paws has become the industry’s go-to roofing shoe since being introduced to the market in 1996. Whether you require a roofing shoes for cedar installation, asphalt, slate or almost any other roofing surface, nothing sticks like Cougar Paws.

The main body of the shoe is designed to distribute weight evenly for balance and additional comfort. Replaceable traction pads provide the kind of traction you need to climb steep pitches. Industrial grade Velcro and a hook and loop fastener ensure that the rubber sole is held securely in place.

When the soles wear down, simply peel them away and replace them with a new pair.

Roofing Shoes and Sizes

For men, Cougar Paws sizes run similar to your regular shoe size. They can run a bit smaller, particularly for women. Women should order a size smaller, perhaps two sizes below their normal shoe size.

Learn how to find your boot size today to ensure a snug fit!

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