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Roofing Shoes for Cedar Roofing

While cedar roofing can be beautiful, cedar shakes present unique challenges for roofing professionals. Whether you need boots for cedar roof installation or maintenance, traction is at least as much a concern as comfort.

Roofing Shoes for Cedar Roof Cleaning

If you need boots for cedar roof cleaning, traction is the most important issue as the moss that accumulates can make cedar roofs extremely slick. Before you do another cedar roof treatment, you need to check out a pair of Cougar Paws.

Comfortable and affordable, Cougar Paws provide twice as much traction and double the security of most roofing shoes. The pliable, replaceable rubber soles enable the wearer to stick securely while walking. Velcro is used to adhere the soles to the shoe body, making it easy to replace them once they’ve become worn.

Roofing Shoes with Ankle Support

An additional strap was added to the shoes design. This strap works to keep ones foot from sliding forward, ensuring that the weight is more evenly distributed. Additionally, this strap helps to make Cougar Paws much more comfortable than other boot on the market. The Cougar Paws boot also provides high ankle support, keeping you safe and helping you work more efficiently. Find a dealer or order your pair of Cougar Paws conveniently online.

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