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Roofing Boots for Asphalt

When mineral grit and asphalt debris are present, roofing on asphalt shingles can become especially hazardous. Developed by a roofer in need of a boot with superior traction and durability, our boots have become the standard by which all other roofing footwear is measured.

After considerable research and development, the boot was redesigned to address safety concerns as well as to enhance comfortable and durable. Furthermore, a comfortable and durable boot means added productivity, making it a very popular shoe with contractors, home structural inspectors, and insurance adjusters.

Originally introduced to the market in 1996, the Cougar Paws design relies on a durable boot body and removable pads. These Velcro pads are easy and inexpensive to replace while protecting the surface of the roofing material from scuffing damage. More importantly, these pads absorb the heat generated from the hot asphalt so the individual’s foot does not have to.

Traction on Asphalt Roofs

While better traction does not alone constitute adequate safety compliance, our roofing boots for asphalt provide you with a great first step. The shoes are so well regarded that insurance companies have been known to offer reduced workers comp insurance rates to contractors who require their crews to wear Cougar Paws boots.

While Cougar Paws boots meet or exceed most safety standards, they’re comfortable and affordable, too. That’s a big reason why Cougar Paws are popular with tradesmen everywhere. Painters love them as do pipe fitters, carpenters, plumbers, gutter installers, and engineers.

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