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Cougar Paws Traction Grip Replacement Pads


Cougar Paws traction grip replacement pads are unique in that they provide additional protection when working on shingles, plywood and wood shakes. As Cougar Paws most functional pad, the traction-grip replacement pad provides exceptional stability on roofs with various surfaces.

How Traction Grip Replacement Pads Work

The Cougar Paws boot soles are actually made of industrial Velcro. Called the "hook," it allows a replaceable "Traction-Grip" pad to be attached to the sole. One side of the Replaceable Pad, called the "loop," is made of felt type material. When attached to the "hook" it holds firmly. When the pad wears down, it can be peeled off and replaced by a new one.

Here at Cougar Paws, we understand you need a reliable shoe when roofing. We built the ideal product line for roofers, adjusters, and house inspectors a like. In fact, anyone who works on inclines or roof surfaces can benefit from our Cougar Paws and replacement pads.

If you are in need of a good roofing shoe give Cougar Paws a try today!

Cougar Paws products are not designed to be used as a fall protection device. Our product are designed to be used with approved fall protection rope and harness. Failure to adhere to this warning could lead to serious injury or death.

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