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Who Can Benefit from Using Cougar Paws

Cougar Paws are roofing boots designed for anyone who works on hazardous inclines or roof surfaces. Having the proper safety equipment goes further than simply having the right tools. It also includes belts, clothing and specialty roofing shoes.

A good portion of Cougar Paw owners are insurance adjusters who make claim inspections throughout the United States. Next, are roofers, chimney sweepers and residential inspectors who spend time on roofs. Whether you need reliable HVAC work boots to keep you safe on top of roofs or roofing boots for home inspections you can rely on Cougar Paws.

Cougar Paws roofing boots are an excellent choice for a variety of roofs. Cougar Paws are a good roofing shoe in sweltering summer days and frigid winter weather. They offer superior performance no matter the weather conditions. After years of experimentation and development, we have produced a pad with the proper cell density and tensile strength. The pads are designed to wear out over regular use but are easily replaced. With easy to use replacement pads and a 5-month safe-to-wear period they offer an element of affordability. Which makes Cougar Paws an excellent boot for roofing.

In addition, the body of the boot is tough and durable.

Cougar Paws still remains the most dependable, durable, and cost efficient roofing boot on the market today. It is the best boot for roofing around. We have worked hard to exceed the safety footwear needs of commercial and residential roofers.

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