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Price: $19.95


Protect your paws with our new Cougar Paw Covers. It slides on and off in seconds. The flexible material gives a snug fit without losing its shape.

Anti-slip boot covers work to reduce (not eliminate) falls when working on the ground at your roof jobs while adding an additional level of security. Don’t risk falling at work because you are using inadequate or heavily-worn equipment. These slip-resistant boot covers can help reduce (not eliminate) your risks of injury while on the job site.

The Cougar Paw Cover is great for walking job sites or in customer’s houses. Once you give our slip resistant cover a try we are sure you will never go back! The Cover works with all styles of boots. NOT FOR USE ON THE ROOF, FOR GROUND USE ONLY. Also, be sure to check out our nail gun pad to reduce the risk of falling nail guns.

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