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Confidence on the Job Is Cougar Paws Replacement Pads on Your Feet

If you work on roofs regularly, you know that the job is not without its hazards. Even if it isn’t your regular job, you probably realize that working on roofs requires special safety considerations. So, what’s the best way to stay safe while doing repairs on a residential or commercial roof?

The age-old advice of keeping your wits about you is always applicable. But, in roofing work, the primary objectives, aside from finishing the job, are to keep your feet beneath you and get back on the ground in one piece. To help you get the job done fast and climb the ladder down safely, Cougar Paws offers specialized, replaceable traction pads for your roofing boots.

Specialized Protection for a Specialized Profession

Cougar Paws replacement pads are specifically engineered to provide reliable traction on a multitude of construction and roofing surfaces, including shingles, plywood, slate and more. In addition to providing an extra layer of safety for you, the traction pads also protect your Cougar Paws roofing boots from extensive wear-and-tear on harsh, industrial surfaces. Replace your pads, not your shoes.

Football players have pads and cleats. Hockey players put on gloves and ice skates. And roofers… they protect themselves by wearing Cougar Paws roofing boots and high-traction replacement pads.

Don’t start a job without them. Order your Cougar Paws replacement pads today.

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